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We always try our best to maintain our place clean and comfortable!  

It's your home!

Spacious lounge and kitchen. Stay as if you had your real home in Osaka!

Free Osaka maps! Ask us anything about Osaka, Kyoto, train routes and anything!

Clean and comfort!

Three shower booths
(Two for only female guests, one for men)
We are a small place with 12 people maximum, so no need to make a line.

Hair dryer(rental): Free
Towel rental: JPY100
Toothbrush/paste: JPY50
Ear plugs: JPY50

Laundry room (Dryer out of service, but there is a place nearby)
(Wash: JPY100/Free for just hanging your clothes)

Two hightech toilets


Entrance door touch panel
Even though Mikuni is a safe neighborhood, we make sure that only guests can enter our guesthouse.

 Locker for valuables(Dormitories)

 Learn about Japanese sake from the owner!