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Guesthouse CaminoRo

-A family-run guesthouse in Mikuni, Osaka-

Opened in October 2010, CaminoRo is a small and family-run guesthouse with a capacity of 12 people maximum. Koji, the husband, speaks English and Spanish, studied in the U.S. back in late 90's, travelled a lot and worked for a company having supported Japanese students travelling or studying abroad. Taeko, the wife, speaks English and did working-holiday in Australia, also travelled a lot. In 2010, we thought we should start something that would help people from overseas and came up with this idea of running a guesthouse. The name "CaminoRo" is a word we made. "Camino" means road in Spanish and "Ro" is from a Japanese word "roji" that means small street or alley. We named it CaminoRo hoping that this place would be a pathway where many people go through to enjoy Osaka and Japan.  We are a couple in early 40's with a daughter(2010) and a son(2014). 


Located in a local, roofed shopping street where you can easily put yourself to Osaka's everyday life. We are in the north side of Osaka city and Mikuni station is the nearest(Hankyu Train/3 stops from Umeda terminal station). Subway Higashimikuni(Midosuji/Red Line) is about 10 - 15 min straight walk and also, Shin-Osaka station(Shinkansen station/JR regular trains/Subway) is about 20-25 min walk. Mikuni is not a tourist area which makes us special, but Osaka's public transportation is very convenient, so that it is easy to visit tourist spots such as Dotonbori, Shinsaibashi, Osaka Castle etc. Come and stay with us, you'll see wider aspects of the city!

There are some very nice parks in the north of Osaka. Bampaku Park(AKA Expo 70's Park), Mino Park(light mountain trecking + water fall), Hattori Ryokuchi(Open-Air Museum of Japanese Farm Houses) are all in the north and Guesthouse CaminoRo can be the best hostel/guesthouse to visit them.



Osaka is a very active and fun city! It has the second biggest economy after Tokyo with the third largest population in Japan. Major tourist sites are Osaka Castle, Universal Studios Japan, Kaiyukan Aquarium and a lot of shoppings in Shinsaibashi, Namba, Dotonbori and Umeda. And it's known for tasty food such as Okonomiyaki, Kushikatsu or Udon. There are much more to see and experience, so please come and enjoy!

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Kyoto and Kobe!

Many of the guests who stay at CaminoRo take a day-trip to Kyoto or Kobe. It is so easy because we are located in the north of Osaka and you need to go through the north part anyway to go to either city. CaminoRo is close to Shin-Osaka, Shinkansen bullet train station, so it makes easier even to go to further places such as Hiroshima, Fukuoka, Nagoya, Tokyo and everywhere. Stay with us and enjoy neiboring cities too!