Guesthouse CaminoRo is pernamently closed down.(2010 Sep - 2017 Feb)

CaminoRo is a small, family-run, quiet and economical accommodation for travellers. We have two private rooms and two dormitoties. It's your home in Osaka, enjoy your stay!

Located in the north of Osaka city. Mikuni is a tourist-free area where you can experience everyday-life of the people. Although, we are not in the heart of the city, public transportations are very easy to get around. Osaka is not only Dotonbori and Shinsaibashi! Experience Osaka's local life staying with us!

Please fill out a easy form for booking request or inquiries! We look forward to having you! 

Guesthouse CaminoRo is in Mikuni, a peaceful and somewhat nostalgic neighborhood in the north of Osaka city. It is very relaxing and very different from the south part of the city. (e.g. Namba, Tennoji) Umeda is 3 stops away by Hankyu train.(7-8 min) Shinsaibashi/Namba is about 15 min subway ride from Higashimikuni, the second nearest station from us. Also, Shin-Osaka Shinkansen station is in our area and if you don't mind a long walk, it's about 20-25 min. We promise to do our best to maintain our place always clean, safe and comfortable!